Where these thoughts come from…


Here lies my little Evolet, snacking and snoozing. We are on Nap #2 today. As she is lovingly held during her naps, it’s the perfect time for me to blog. So, when you read these blogs, know that this is probably what I/we look like.

Today we took a bath. A very short bath. We climbed in, and the heat of the water as it curled around my toes was exquisite. Relaxing. Perfect. Joy. Evolet smiling and playing with the cute fish our friend Michelle got her. Then the trumpet and telltale toot bubbles. Hehe! The giggles from Evolet as she discovers her tushy symphony. Then the BOMB. Uh oh. This next one is more than just a tootyfruity. It comes with a gift. That is quickly disintegrating everywhere.

I yell for my husband to please come up and assist. This is what’s great about working from home! Rescue duty! We laugh our way through hosing her down and then hosing me down. Then Evolet and I take a nap. I love being a mom.

This makes me think of my friend Gemma who is potty training at the moment and dealing with various poop issues. Even though Evolet is an EC baby, we still contend with rogue pooping moments! Take heart, Gems!


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