Treadmill Baby


Evolet discovered the lure of the treadmill when she began creeping. Our dog Skyla uses the treadmill every day for an hour, and Evers goes crazy with delight when she hears the beeps as I turn it on and increase the speed. She hangs out in front, standing, feeling the bump of the moving belt and getting occasional kisses on the forehead from Skyla. She literally squeals with joy.

Sometimes she sits by the side of it and holds various objects against the moving belt so she can hear the sounds they make. Invariably, she lets them go to find a new object, and then Skyla has to do some fancy footwork to avoid them. I find these things at the bottom of the treadmill. Lately I found: 3 screwdrivers, a packet of pear crisps, a wooden coaster, a fork, Skyla’s dog leash…and collar, and a bib. I bet the bib was the least exciting for her.

Any time she is out of my sling, she makes an excited beeline for the treadmill. While doing dishes in the kitchen I can often hear her babbling away to herself, sitting on the treadmill. She hangs there for hours. It’s like her ‘local.’ Sometimes she climbs up with toys and sometimes she just stands in the front and touches as high as she can while sucking on the metal bars. Yummy! Though, I wish I could say that was the worst thing she mouths.

My husband and I are thrilled she is showing such an early interest in exercise!

Also, check out that bib! Ha!

Q: What funny obsessions did your wee ones have as babies?


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