Babies vs Technology

Evolet takes pictures!

She adores staring and giggling at herself on my iPad. Fun fun fun! Who is that happy little lady smiling at her?! She tries to see where she is behind the iPad. No one is there! Wow! Then she gets a bit perplexed. She gets serious. Eyes the iPad suspiciously. And then becomes a photographer.

Just look at that composition! The lighting! And dare I say meaning?–the half shot of me, is that symbolic that she is half of me?! As I begin my internal motherly ‘my child is a wonder!’ dialogue, she clips me short with her final contemplative snap:

This reminds me that genius is in the process, not the product! So I am safe in my child wonder thoughts. Or maybe it was an intentional artsy forehead thing.

I am, though, less excited about this technological camera mastery. I demurely recall our list of technological gadgets now in heaven:
-my husband’s macbook pro laptop cord (death by saliva)
-my Samsung Galaxy phone (death by toilet)
-my husband’s Samsung Galaxy phone (death by saliva)
-my iPod (death by saliva)
-our Nokia rental phone (while waiting for new Samsung Galaxy) speaker/sound (death by saliva)

Yes, I see the pattern, too. She’s a quick chick! She grabs things as I cruise around the house with her in the trusty sling. After she’s had her wicked way with her snatched goodies, she stores them for safekeeping on her lap in the sling. I find these items when I lift her out to give her a wee. One time she had hoarded a cork, a glass, a wooden spoon, a pencil, a cat toy, and a small bag of shredded coconut.

She seems determined to strategically coat the house and all it’s contents in drool. She appears undaunted by the magnitude of her task. One calculated object at a time. Last night it was the fourth carpeted stair up from the bottom. This morning it was my gym shoe shoelace.

She exudes this talent in public, too. Just last week a jar of jam crashed on the cement when I lifted her out in the parking lot at the supermarket. Receipts are tasty, too. And the car window…and steering wheel. And most recently, the gearshift.

Oh, and that technology thing again. I rescued my friend Belinda’s door locking thingie twice from Evolet’s malevolent secretions. The TV remote control, however, was not so lucky. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Babies vs Technology

  1. How did I miss this one! They are so smart with technology! I think by the time they’re 10, they’ll be leaving us in the dust! The other day, my 2 1/2 year old told Siri (voice command on the iPhone) to add cookies to the grocery list!

    • Omg how cute! Even I have no idea how to do that! Evolet pulls my hand onto the iPad when she wants to watch videos of herself…which she would happily do for HOURS. I wonder, does she know its her?! Do they ‘get’ how techno things work? She doesn’t look behind the iPad anymore…just enjoys all the videos of her half naked and fully exposed butt cheeks pushing the walker all over the house (bc I CANNOT control myself! That tush!! Ugh!)

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