Ice Cream Recipe


Family Portrait: The Mom, Evolet with Chocolate Ice Cream Face, The Dad

I loves me some ice cream! Apparently, I passed this along to my offspring. The best ice cream is homemade–using no ice and no cream. Instead, we use frozen bananas. Yumbas!

Here’s what you do, the Long Version:

1. Get yoself some ripe bananas (they should be brown spotty…avoid getting over eager and using yellow ones. Patience Obi Wan).
2. Peel and chop them into about inch size pieces. I think I used about 4 or 5…may have been 7 or 8 because I am a FEEDER.
3. Put them in a container in the freezer for AGES. Til they are frozen. Usually minimally a few hours. No need to cover them.
4. When ready, shove them into an obnoxiously efficient blender, like the Vitamix. Yes, you will need an insane blender for this.
5. Add a dollop of agave nectar and whatever else tickles you. I added raw cocoa for ours.
6. Blend away! Be sure to use your plunger and stop when it’s done…or you will end up with a banana smoothie.

Short Version: Stick some frozen bananas in a blender.

My husband was all, “No, I don’t want an–” until he saw the finished wonderfulness and then the greedy bugger ate half of it.

Note: I put a dollop of peanut butter on ours after it was done. Absolutely delectable!


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