Sooooooooo, ok, we got these pretty girlie foamy lock-together squares for the floor because
1. They are pretty, girlie, and foamy.
2. Because they help Evolet get grip on an otherwise slippery floor.

Seeing as I am a domestic slave/goddess, I occasionally change up the configuration of the squares after vacuuming. Keeps me entertained and it sort of feels like we bought something new.

Yep, it’s the small things, folks!

Anyway, I am used to Evolet turning random things into gourmet fare–the kitchen sink sponge, the tube of cat hairball remover, toilet paper, and even once Skyla’s recently clipped nails. Def had a good gag reflex going discovering that last one. Probably because Skyla is our DOG.

So I guess I wasn’t TOO surprised when I heard an odd squeaky-squeaky-squeak! coming from Evolet’s direction. Lo and behold, there she was, ass over tits, getting a good ol’ munch on the delicious foamy thing! I think mostly she just likes the sound, because she does the same thing to the rubber ring that seals the door to the washing machine.

What I particularly love about this photo is Bombeii in the top left looking at little Evers like ‘WTF?! Ok, that is WEIRD!’ and the splayed out effect of Evolet’s toes. Classic!

Evolet is also modelling one of her holiday gifts from her Uncle Cary and Auntie Melissa, a lovely fashion print onesie. As she is an EC baby, I just tie up the feet in a rubber-band to make for easy weeing. Thank you Cary and Melissa!

She also dons my sweater that Dean shrunk in the wash and so now is Evolet’s.

The trolley is a holiday gift from Grandma and Grampa. She loves it! Thanks Grandma and Grampa!

The ragin’ bedhead and cute tush is model’s own.


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