Slings Rock 209


Ok, so reason 209 out of 1000 of why slings seriously rock.

My dear friend (and midwife!) Belinda and I took our dogs Lola and Skyla for an evening bonanza trek to the park. They loved it. We loved it. The evening air was mild and secret and still. Lovely. Little if any traffic, people here and there dotted about, enjoying the dusky lull. We took our time and just chatted away like schoolgirls. Only not so giggley. Most of the time.

We left about 8.30p and were gone about an hour. Evolet, as usual, played perfect-passive experience-hungry observing baby, not making a sound. In fact, it was a while before I realised she had zonked out completely! She is always so peaceful and soothingly alert that I often forget she is even there.

Yes, it is gorgeous how sweetly asleep she is. And wonderful that it is less than any effort at all to tenderly kiss her darling head. And that she feels profoundly safe and secure, nestled against my warm body. And that the movement of me helps her brain develop. And that I feel safe and secure knowing exactly where she is. And that our bodies can align and subtly tune-in with one another.

Those are all reasons 123, 576, 430, 100, 102, and 877 out of the 1000.

Reason 209 is this: Slings do not disturb the quiet stillness of an earthy, fresh, and dense summer evening.